Network Strategic Plan

1.    What is your vision for this CRG Network?
Our aim is to be the leading source of independent and rigorous evidence synthesis in relation to health conditions which affect children and families.

2.    What are the key 2-3 goals including quality and innovations you have planned for this CRG Network?

  • Goal # 1 - to ensure that our resources are used where they will have most impact, through prioritisation exercises
  • Goal # 2 - to produce high quality and timely systematic reviews, through our editorial and governance processes
  • Goal # 3 - to embrace new and emerging systematic review methodologies, through Network training and support activities

The Network Associate and Senior Editor along with their CRG community have now finalised the strategic plan for the coming two years after deliberations online and with one face-to-face meeting in September 2018.  Their plans are based on five key objectives that will guide their work until 2020:

  1. Supporting review production and capacity
  2. Evaluating Network scope and prioritisation of topics
  3. Fostering collaboration within the Network and with the wider Cochrane community
  4. Supporting knowledge translation to increase the impact of Cochrane reviews
  5. Ensuring accountability and sustainability of the Network

Read the full Network Strategic Plan